Wags & Barks Doggy Day Care, LLC

104 Weil Dr. Slinger, WI 53086

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Doggy Day Care

Day Care Rates 

 Day Care  One Dog  Two Dogs
 1 day  $19  $36
 5 Pack  $90  $170
 10 Pack  $170  $320
 20 pack  $320  $600


Half day (6 hours or less) - $12
Half day for 2 dogs (6 hours or less) - $21  

• All dogs must undergo a behavior evaluation. This is important to keep all dogs safe and secure.

• Dogs are placed into separate play groups by size and by play style.

• We ask for a one day a week commitment from your dog

• When you bring your dog in, you will be asked to complete three forms. Download the Enrollment FormAgreement Form, and Rules & Regulations now to save time.





Recieve a FREE day of Day Care for EVERY referral you send to Wags & Barks!!

Bring your dog in for day care on their birthday for some special Fun...and the day is FREE!

  Dog Of The Month: May


Meet our magical
March dog of the month, Oakley!
This lively leprechaun
is quite the clever little guy, full of fun shenanigans
 and occasional mischief!

This marvelous munchkin lights up the entire room with his antics and incredible attitude!

A friend to everyone, we always love seeing our smiling Oakley!
We love you Oakley dude!





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