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Ally Murdock of Onward Bound Incredible Dog Training!!

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Puppy Class - Call for next available class

Wednesday 6:00pm -  6:55pm
6 week program / $120
Instructor: Ally Murdock

In Puppy Class we will work on:
· Sit, Down, Stand
· Bite inhibition (nipping and mouthing)
· Grooming (brushing, bathing, nails, ear, teeth)
· Walk on a loose leash
· Come when called
· Potty training
· Crate training
· Name game and communication

What to bring to class:
- Small treats (string cheese works good - easy to break off)
- Squeaky toy
- Plastic bags to pick up poop
- Snap or buckle collar
- 6 ft. leash
- NO metal collars in class

If puppy normally eats before class, give only half of their food

Down load Puppy Class Agreement Form and bring along when you sign up for puppy class.

Pet Dog Basic's
 - Call for next available class 

Wednesday's  7:00pm - 8:00pm
6 week program / $120
Instructor: Ally Murdock

In the Basic Manners class we’ll use positive training methods to work on those things that make your dog a pleasure to be around.
· Basic cues - Sit, Down, Stand, Stay
· Loose Leash Walking
· Four on the floor/No jumping
· Coming when called
· Foundation Focus for new places
· Waiting at a door or stairs until released
· Settle Skills - resting quietly in a crate and not bolting out an open crate door

What to bring to class:
- A regular flat buckle collar (nylon or leather) or martingale-style collar
- A 4' or 6’ nylon or leather leash
- A Long line - 30' light line
- Lots of small (pea-sized) treats that your dog really likes. (String cheese pieces work well, Cheerios, liver pieces, etc.)
- A towel, mat or rug for your dog to rest on
- A high-value toy or tug-toy if your dog is toy-motivated
- An open mind and positive attitude – training your dog should be FUN for both you and your dog!
- NO Metal collars in class

Down load the Training Agreement and bring it along when you sign up for class.

Foundation Class
- Call for next available class

Saturday’s 10:00am – 11:00am
6 week program / $120

In this class we will expand on the skills learned in the Basic Manners Class. Using “game based training” to improve response to basic commands, while enhancing the bond between you and your dog.

· Improved response to Sit, Down, Stand, Stay
· Heel – begin formal heel
· Improved response to “come when called”
· Training games
o Targeting
o Tug and Release
o Recall games
o It’s your choice
o Intro to retrieving
· Obstacle work (tunnel, jump, table, plank)

What to bring to class:
- A regular flat buckle collar
- A 6’ nylon or leather leash
- Lot’s of treats that your dog really likes.
- Toys (both tug toys and retrieving toys)
- A mat or rug for your dog

Down load the Training Agreement and bring it along when you sign up for class.

What not to bring to class:
ø Choke collars are not allowed
ø Flexi-leashes are not allowed




About the trainer:

All Murdock

Ally has been training dogs since she was 13 years old. It started when she started walking dogs for the local humane society and couldn't get enough about dog training. She is a professional member of the Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin and the Pet Professionals Guild. Ally has a special interest in almost all dog sports and loves teaching new things to her own three dogs. She enjoys building the relationship between dog and owner through games and lots of play. Prepare for tons of fun in her puppy and basic classes!

Meet the Staff:

Courtney McNeely

Ever since I was a little girl I have been an animal lover.
All animals big or small have a special place in my heart
 and life. Throughout my life I have always had an assortment of pets, but at 10 years old my family and I adopted two very special little Miniature Pinschers. This is where my love of dogs started. As I got older I realized I wanted nothing but to work with animals and be the one to start their tail wagging when I walk in the door. When I found wags and barks it changed my life and now my number one goal is to make every dog feel as happy as I do when I’m around them.

Meet the Staff:

Reagan Shirley

 My name is Reagan Shirley and I am currently a senior at Slinger High School. After high school I plan on attending Veterinary Tech school and becoming a Vet Tech. Ever since I was younger, I’ve always had a passion for animals. I’ve spent years volunteering at a horse farm. I’ve grown up with animals all my life and I have two dogs and a horse of my own. I really enjoy working at Wags & Barks because we have a great group of people and I love interacting with all of the dogs.


Meet the Staff:

Nic Bauer

  I am quiet, caring, and love being around dogs. I have worked with dogs for three years; in a kennel, dog day care, and with a working dog on a ranch. I like to make sure the dogs are happy and cared for. I make an extra effort to make nervous dogs feel comfortable. When I can find time, I also like to work with bison and other large animals.









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